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Evaluation on the Contributions of Private Enterprises to the Economic Development of Lagos State. A study of MTN Nigeria Telecommunication Industry.

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This study in its form was designed to evaluate the contributions of private enterprises to the economic development of Lagos State using MTN Nigeria as a study of evidence. Data utilized for the study were gotten from a survey conducted through the use of a well-structured questionnaire for the period under study. The analytical tool employed includes simple descriptive statistics, chi-square. Analysis of the personal data reveals that more than half of the respondents are male, between the age of 31 – 40 years and 60 percent agreed that they are satisfied with the performance of MTN Nigeria towards economic development and more than half of the respondents also agreed that MTN Nigeria support Lagos State Government in providing instructional facilities. The analysis showed that calculated value were higher than the critical value, hence the null hypotheses were rejected and the alternative hypotheses were accepted. The study was able to establish that MTN Nigeria is effective in contributing to the economic development of Lagos State. However, it was recommended that the government should ensure stable power supply for private enterprises to operate effectively and efficiently for a sustainable economic development. Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Private Enterprise, Economic Growth and Development

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