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A Critical Evaluation Of The Impact Of Money Market In The National Development Of Nigeria

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This study examines the role of Nigeria money market in the national development. It discusses the essentiality of money market and its position in the nation’s economy, Nigeria in particular. The population of this study was estimated eighty (80). However, the instrument used in gathering information to his work is from two sources which are the primary source and secondary source. Well designed and structured questionnaires were also used. Findings indicate that money market has much benefit to present to the economy and the nation at large. It is also pivotal to ensure that the regulatory instrument used by the regulatory authorities to manage this sectors (surplus and deficit) should be that which contributes towards its development and growth. Area of success as well as challenges that needs to be addressed are identified. Specifically, it is recommended that regulators of money market should make legislation to keep pace with the changes in modern money market operation especially with the advent of new technologies. Keywords: Money, Market, Money Market , Surplus Savings Unit & Deficit Spending Unit, National development, economy.

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