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Paper title
Thermal deformation of a thermal shield material vs. Method of heat supply

Paper author
Okigbo Nonso Emmanuel

Author Email
[email protected]

This work aims to analyze the thermal deformation of a thermal shield laminated material under a uniform or one-sided heating of up to 600°C/min. The material is made of a fiberglass composite polymer material based on phenol-phormaldehyde matrix. This work describes the method used to study the kinetics of thermal deformation of the composite material at different heating rates and a high-temperature of gas flow (2500°C). The state of the stressed-deformed samples made of a reinforced plastic is computed and used to measure the expanded temperature of the materials under one-sided heating. It is shown that under both force and thermal loading, the linear dependence of the coefficient of thermal deformation Т on temperature, stresses in the sample developed to prevent the bending of free samples. For a bent sample, there is no stress gradient ( = 0) under increased heating rate of the loaded samples, leading to an increase in the stress gradient values. The data are compared with dilatometry results obtained at a uniform temperature field and heating rates of 20 to 1100°C. Key words: Thermal shield, spacecraft, re-entry, composite material, high temperature, fiberglass, dilatometer.

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