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The Role Of Marketing Communication In Marketing Of Consumers Products

Paper author
Igwe, Kalu Chikeziri AND Ezeobi Amarachukwu Judith

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[email protected]

Marketing communications is an essential factor in the process of creating a trust among the customers for an organisation. It is one of the most important factors in an organisationís success on the market. The study reviewed theories and models relating to marketing communication mix which explain and elaborate various ways in which communication strategies are used to pass information to potential and current customers in the market and these theories include the hierarchy of needs theory, AIDA model, Porter’s five forces model, Hierarchy of Needs Theory (Maslow’s Theory) and Hierarchy of Needs Theory (Maslow’s Theory). The roles of marketing communications are sales marketing communication which involves communicating with your customers so as to keeps them apprised of new happenings in your business and fulfills the objective of promoting your products and services. This can include new product launches, sales, expansion or introduction of new offerings, providing information and education to customers, retention of existing customers, referrals from existing customers, building brand awareness among others. In conclusion, Marketers that utilize marketing communication wisely will successfully change consumer behavior and establish brand loyalty thus develop long term trust within their customer Keynotes: Marketing communication, Communication theory, Education, Consumers, Communication mix

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