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Paper title
Contribution of Digital Human Resource Management towards Organizational Performance

Paper author
Ndulue Eric Ifeanyi

Author Email
[email protected]

Digital (HRM) Human Resource Management is digital upgrading in the field of Human Resource management. The working process of DHRM will take place through mobile, electronic media, social media through the internet, and also with the help of IT (information technology). All these resources will make HRM more significant in the present situation. Digital HRM is capable of doing Human work by the means of software, through several apps, and with the internet embedded in it. Digital Human Resource will assist organizations through the optimization of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) technology, towards management and responsibility in helping them to ensure that assumptions and expectations within the ‘organization drive the right behavior. Digitalization in HRM will make it more efficient and relevant in the future. Without digital transformation, HRM will lag far behind the demands of the organization worldwide. This research paper tries to highlight the role of digital HRM in improving the performance of the organization. The data used for this research are secondary. The outcome of the research would be very important for a business organization to implement digital human resource management and also for improving and enhancing organizational performance. Keywords: Organization, Business firm, Digitalization, Business strategy, Business enhancement.

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