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Impact of Total Quality Management on Organization Productivity. A Study of Zenith Bank Plc

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Given the competitive pressure on the economy, more organizations that ever before are focusing on quality as a way of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and meeting customer needs and expectation, several of these organizations are beginning to understand the importance of continuous improvement on the quality of their products and services as a way of achieving these goals. Those who begin to learn about quality quickly become familiar with the names of Philip B, Crosby, W. Edward p Deming, and Joseph M, Juan- renowned quality experts who have been carrying forth the message of quality for more than 30 years. This project work is carried out to ascertain how total quality management can affect and create impact on organization productivity. The study attempts to fill the research gap by examination relationship between quality management practices, productivity and profitability in organizations with a special focus on Zenith Bank Plc as case study. In doing so relationship between total quality management (TQM) and productivity constructs would be as sensed, identified and described. Findings of this study would therefore provide a strike demon striation of the importance of quality management practice for organization in enhancing their product quality and profitability. Keywords: Total Quality Management Process, Benefit of Total Quality Management

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