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The Antioxidant Activity And The Total Polyphenol Content Of The Solvent Extracts Of Rhizomes Of Curcuma Mangga Valeton And Zigp From The Congo Cataracts Plateau.

Paper author
Ernest Bitemou et al

Author Email
[email protected]

Curcuma mangga Val is a zingiberaceae whose leaves are used as aromas and rhizomes to relieve various ailments. This use suggests an impact on the biological action of the different organs of this plant. The samples collected at four different sites are dried and then ground. The determination of total polyphenols is carried out with the Folin-Ciocalteu reagent and the antioxidant activity with the reducing agent DPPH. The amount of total polyphenols is greater by methanol compared to the two other solvents used: ethyl acetate and chloroform. Methanol extracts have good antioxidant activity with an IC50 of 415.18 μg / ml compared to vitamin C of 296.42 μg / ml. There is a positive correlation between the content of total polyphenols and the anti-radical activity. Keywords: Correlation, antioxidant activity, polyphenol and Curcuma mangga.

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