IJORP PUBLISHES ONCE A YEAR! (Issue 5 Volume 2, 2023 Ongoing.)

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Paper title
Data Analysis enabled self-Adaptive Learning System

Paper author
Chukwudi-Osondu Tochukwu O.

Author Email
[email protected]

In the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence and big data technology, the education departments are also experiencing the transformation from the traditional classroom to the blending learning mode mixed with online learning and offline classroom. In order to promote the modernization of education and realize the inclusiveness and individuation of future education, the self-adaptive learning platform is rising gradually, which emphasizes service orientation and provides personalized learning contents to students based on data collections and analyses, enhancing the pertinence and efficiency of students' learning, and improving students' learning experience. In this paper, the writer applies to big data and artificial intelligence technology into the educational environment and attempts to build an intelligent self-adaptive learning system to realize personalized teaching model for the purpose of serving for teachers and students. Besides, the writer also carries out some innovative explorations on personalized teaching based on learnercentered and improves teaching qualities with remindings and early warnings. Keywords—Education big data, online machine learning system, artificial intelligence

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