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Teaching Strategies for Students with Health Challenges in Regular Classes

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For many years, students with special needs have been a crucial topic in general education classrooms. These children are entitled to full access to all materials and social interactions available in a regular classroom. Many schools’ ultimate goal is to construct a classroom with the fewest restrictions possible to satisfy all kids’ needs, including those with special needs. Teachers want kids with special needs in their classrooms, according to studies, but they are ill-equipped to meet their educational demands. Teachers should be able to learn more about how to establish successful inclusion classrooms. As a result, the goal of this research is to address the many teaching techniques that instructors might employ to have a successful inclusive classroom. This study answered one research question: How do teachers ensure a child with health challanges has a successful enrollment? A survey of academic literature and observations in two primary classes was used to obtain this research topic data. The findings of the study revealed that teachers who are informed about a range of teaching tactics include getting started and getting ready: When it comes to preparing for a student with a disability in class, it’s all about the “right stuff.” It’s almost as if picking up a new language, but it fits right into any modern discussion of effective teaching and learning. Plans tailored to each child: This may not bother the teacher, but make sure that individual planning meetings, specialists, and consultants do not ask to undergo advanced therapies without providing practical support. A distinct set of instructions: collaboration with teaching assistants, and so on can help children with special needs succeed. Keywords Teaching Strategies, Inclusion Classroom, Disable Students

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