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Paper title
An experimental investigation of L-Histidine Solutions as a Green Solvent for Capturing of Carbon Dioxide

Paper author
Nwobi Obi Somtochukwu

Author Email
[email protected]

A wide range of solvent contents (1–2.5 molar), pressures (150–4000 kPa), and temperatures (313.15– 353.15 K) were used to explore the vapour-liquid equilibrium of the CO2-loaded aqueous potassium salt of L-histidine in this study. The outcomes of the experiment demonstrate that L-histidine has a superb capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. When compared to conventional solvent (monoethanolamine) and amino acid salt (potassium L-lysinate) at similar process conditions, L-histidine has superior absorption capacity. Moreover, modified Kent–Eisenberg model was used to correlate the VLE of the studied system with excellent agreement between the model and experimental values. The model exhibited an AARE% of 7.87%, which shows that it can satisfactorily predict carbon dioxide solubilities in aqueous potassium salt of L-histidine at other process conditions. Being a biological component in origin, almost negligibly volatile, and highly resistant to oxidative degradation, L-histidine offers certain operational advantages over other solvents used and has a promising potential for carbon dioxide capture.

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