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Challenges Of The Adoption Of Motivational Strategies On Sales Force Performance (A Study Of Selected Firms In Aba, Abia State)

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Current development in the field of marketing shows that despite the advances as motivational incentive packages of many organizations, personnel in sales and selling activities do not achieve targets and most prefer being self employed and or transferred from one firm to another. The management would benefit from the challenges from the study mostly because it will give them sense of direction on how best to stimulate their sales workers whom it is their responsibility to push their products to the consumers. This is evident mostly when one considers the present economic situation in which there is a lot of unsold stocks, demand is very low, consumer resistance is very prevalent, liquidity in terms of cash within the economy is poor and this generally hardship in the country. This study investigates the challenges of adoption of motivational strategies on performance of sales force in some Aba-based firms. Keywords: Firms, Adoption, Motivation, Strategies, challenges

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