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Paper title
Design and Implementation of vortecis for student Laboratory experiement in China

Paper author
Jin Qi

Author Email
[email protected]

This design, construction and Test on Vortex apparatus was to demonstrate obtained both free and forced vortices for Student Laboratory experiment. The apparatus was designed and constructed using transparent Perspex approximately 380mm diameter by 180mm deep. Perforated cylinder constructed from transparent Perspex, approximately 286mm diameter by 180mm deep. Motor with low voltage for safety) and equipped with a long connection cable, normally 3 meters. Roller to rubber bushing rotating axially on an electric motor spindle rubbing counter clockwise was used on the extended edge of the cylindrical Perspex. 2 lengths of mild steel square metal of 1 9ft/1 x 1 inch thickness were used for construction of the tables. 4 lengths of 750mm were cut and joined across by welding it with 2 lengths of 650mm and 550mm respectively. The setting up was done carefully using a square – meter for the Vortex construction to be completed. Keywords: Apparatus, Cylinder, Vortex, Motor, Technology, Construction

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