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Paper title
Exploring the Role of Artificial Intelligent in Post Covid-19 era (A business perspective)

Paper author
Joan Pil and Julius Thompson

Author Email
[email protected]

This paper conceptualises the role of technological innovation using Artificial Intelligent (AI) to sustain business operations by Toronto businesses. This is because most of the businesses in Toronto except banking services, use manual mode of operation. AI is the process of using automated technologies to carry out business activities by companies. These activities may comprise logistics, production, delivery and the like undertaken with the aid of human supervision. The use of AI by businesses might help them to achieve competitive advantage in terms of lower production cost, qualitative products and services delivery, customer satisfaction, expand market share and increase turnover. Despite the negative side effect, technology might have on general employment level, it is argued that AI might probably complement human labour. The effect might help in increasing overall business efficiency, following the COVID-19 epidemic on global economic activities and Toronto inclusive. These businesses face a serious problem of not being able to sustain their operations due to high dependence on manual system of operation. Therefore, considering an alternative option of operation (automation) becomes paramount. This paper is a content analysis based on existing literature pertinent to the role, which AI hopes to play in sustaining business activities in Toronto. Hence, Toronto policy makers should give considerable attention to the development and use of innovative technology pertinent to its business environment that will simplify business activities. Keywords: innovations, businesses, covid-19, artificial intelligent, efficiency

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