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Victor Ikedichi Okparaku AND Ovbiagele Winning Aideloje

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[email protected]

This paper relates the connection between climate change and sustainable development. The research work is hinged on theory of environmental responsible behaviours. The data was acquired through deployment of survey method (distribution of questionnaires) and 130 questionnaires were distributed to workers selected from of two meteorological centres and a governmental ministry on development. Then chi-square was employed as the statistical tool in analyze the data. From the result, value of tabulated chi-square (X2) is 7.815 and the calculated value of chi-square (X2) is 9.03. Since the calculated value of X2 exceeds the critical value of tabulated X2 which is 7.815, then null hypothesis of the distributions is rejected and the alternative hypothesis is accepted. The finding shows that climate change affects (whether negatively or positively) sustainable development. The effects are mostly negative due to emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) on the environment. However, climate change could be said to be an agent of sustainable development. In view of the result, recommendations are made: creating wide awareness and campaign of effects of climate change on the environmental system, government creation of policies to reduce GHGs emissions, and government imposing of high tax payment on usage of resources that are GHG sources. These recommendations are good policies and, also strong tools to promoting sustainable development. Keywords: Climate, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases, Sustainable Development

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