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Paper title
The plight of pensioners in Nigeria with reference to Enugu state

Paper author
Agu Juliet

Author Email
[email protected]

The purpose of the study was to find out the plight of pensions with reference to Enugu State. The design of the study was descriptive survey. The population of the study is ten thousand (10,000) out of which random sampling technique was applied. The questionnaire was the instrument used for data selection. The data collected were analyzed in chi-square (x2). After the analysis, the following among others were found: 1. that retirement in the past was a thing of joy because the retirees had their salaries and retirement benefits paid to them promptly. 2. That pensioners felt proud and fulfilled in life. 3. That the plight present day pensioners is horrifying, a nightmare, a curse sort of because of retirement. Benefits are usually never paid on time if at all hence prospective retirees falsify their ages to remain in service. 4. That the retirees were usually owed huge arrears of salaries with the result that the retirees leave. The paper recommended that Government should make a policy reform or create ministry for pensioners as to carter wholly for all retirees. Keywords: Pension, Retirement, Public Servants, Workers.

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