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Amakor Chilota

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[email protected]

This study was carried out in a domestic and commercial pig farms in Nnewi North to assess the microbial air quality. The air sample was collected through passive or sedimentation method into a plate containing well prepared. Nutrient agar and sabouraud dextrose agar which was exposed to trap the air and was analysed at the laboratory .The bacterial and fungal samples were incubated at 24 - 48hrs and 120hrs and 37°c respectively. The samples and ere sub cultured, slide cultured, stain application, molecular identifications were carried out on the fungal isolates and biochemical tests were carried out on the bacterial isolates. The bacterial isolates. The bacterial isolates identifies were Staphylococcus Aureus (41.67%), Clostridum Perfringes (25%), Lactobacillus casei (33.3%). They were all gram positive. In spore test L. Casei was negative, S. Aureus was negative and C. Perfringes was positive. In catalase test S. Aureus was positive while C. Perfriges and L. Casei were negative. In mannitol salt agar L. Casei was positive, S. aureus was positive and C. Perfriges was negative. In Coagulase- test it give the same result with catalase test. In blood agar S.Aureus showed BHaemolysis. In motility test it gave the same result with the spore test. .In oxygen requirement test, L. Casei was a facultative anaerobe, S. Aureus was facultative Anaerobe and C. Perfringes was anaerobic. The fungal isolates identified were Aspergillius species, penicillum digitatum, graphium eumorphum, trichophytum, mentagrophytes, sporothnx schenkii. Their percentage of occurrence were 30%, 20%, 10%, 20%, 20% respectively. The analytical statistic for the parameters used to assess the microbial air quantity showed the significance of the sample (bacterial and fungal) is greater than or equal to the site[P> 0.05]. Conclusively, this study reveals that ensuring a good air quantity in pig farm is important for the health of the human workers. It also shows that airborne bacteria and fungi contamination is high as well as representing a risk factor for the health of swine and its care takers. Keywords: Aurus, Casei, Oxygen, Microbial Air

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