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Ugbaja Chinwendu G.

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[email protected]

Abstract Hospitality Education has emerged as driving force for developing economics therefore, these economics recognized hospitality as a vehicle for their envisaged development and growth (Mill & Morrison 1999) hospitality education in Nigeria system is a source of supply of skill labour to hospitality and Tourism Industry over the years invoke concern, the main aim of this paper was to get insight of present hospitality Education in Nigeria and to search various challenges and opportunities faced the educational institutes, this study was undertaken through extensive study of secondary data mainly literature review from various journals, magazines, newspapers, world wide web and textbooks which evaluate the hospitality educational system, status of hospitality education, perception about hospitality education and method of teaching hospitality education. During the last" two decades, numerous hospitality educational institution have introduced hospitality management education programs to cater for the diverse requirement of the industry in Nigeria were anticipate including hospitality graduate, employment and leadership. Keywords: Education, Hospitality, System, Perception, Tourism

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