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Analysis of the Kinetic Parameters to Physical Parameters Variation in VVER Reactor

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The effective delayed neutron fraction and the neutron generation time are the most important parameters of reactor kinetics. The main objective of this paper is to identify the influential physical parameters on kinetic parameters (sensitivity analysis). The influence of the control rod movement, temperature changes, fuel consumption, fuel enrichment, and burnable absorbers BAs on kinetic parameters is investigated. The calculations are performed using MCNP6 code together with (ENDF/B)-VII.1 library for VVER-1000. The study evidenced that fuel consumption, temperature increasing and control rod movement have the greatest influence on the effective delayed neutron fraction. The value of ßeff reduced by fuel combustion after 365 days and by rising temperature by 33.5% and 20.9% respectively. While increased to 12.11% with fully insertion of control rods. βeff parameter is not influenced by the fuel enrichment. Also, the fuel enrichment and insertion of control rods have the greatest effect on the generation time. The influence of the BAs material on the dependence of the kinetic parameters on the BAs enrichment is presented. Keywords Kinetic parameters, Effective delayed neutron fraction, Generation time, Power reactors, Monte Carlo code

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