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Otuu Obinna and Edim Bassey Edim

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[email protected]

Covid-19 has introduced us to new normal of social distancing, covering our noses with face masks, and washing of our hands regularly. The disease is communicable to the extent that there is danger when one touches a surface used by a carrier. This poses a challenge as nobody knows when the next person has gotten the disease, and as such, even washing of hands with tactile interface becomes a problem. This is why the researchers constructed a contactless machine which dispenses liquid soap, water and sanitizer when the hand goes close to any of the three outlets. This device was powered by a 9v battery in a way that it does not need to be triggered manually but to just place the hand near the bottle to automatically turn ON the circuit to dispense the sanitizer. This was workable when tested and had a dispensing time of one seconds (1s). The device was found to be suitable for homes, schools, churches, hospitals and various workplaces. KEYWORDS: Automatic, Alcohol-based, dispenser, sensor-activated, passive-infrared sensor.

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