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Android may be a smart mobile terminal operating platform core on Linux. But thanks to its open-source software and programmable framework character, that leads the Android system susceptible to get virus attacks. This paper has deeply researched from the Linux system security mechanism, Android-specific security mechanisms and other protection mechanisms. And on this basis, Android devices have achieved closely guarded on normal state. So that attackers cannot use the kernel module or core library to get highest access permission and be attacked. Meanwhile, to further strengthen the security of Android devices, it enables them to properly handle the high-risk threat. The market for smart phones has been booming in the past few years. There are now over 400,000 applications on the Android market. Over 10 billion Android applications have been downloaded from the Android market. Due to the Android popularity, there are now a large number of malicious vendors targeting the platform. Many honest end users are being successfully hacked on a regular basis. In this work, a cloud based reputation security model has been proposed as a solution which greatly mitigates the malicious attacks targeting the Android market. Our solution stores the reputation of Android applications in an anti-malware providers’ cloud (AM Cloud). The experimental results witness that the proposed model could well identify the reputation index of a given application and hence its potential of being risky or not. Keywords: Smart phones; Android OS; Reputation based security; Inter Process Communication; Security system.

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